Writer's Journal: July

Another busy month, in many ways related and unrelated to my writing.

Week of June 30th - July 6th

Not a lot going on writing-wise. I got cracking on the latest Comicopia 'zine, as it's due near the end of the month. I also realized that I've fallen behind in writing my column for Pro-Wrestling Digest for far too long. My editor e-mailed me to ask when I'd have a column available. I'm thinking next week.

Week of July 7th - 13th

E-mailed in my column to PWD. Worked on my 'zine some more

A film festival started its second year here in Montreal on the 12th: Fant*Asia. This festival always inspires me to get back into the swing of screenwriting again. A festival of great Hong Kong action films and other International fun always clears my head of the creative doldrums.

Week of July 14th - 20th

After several months of silence, I finally heard back from Virtual University about the status of my courses. I'm opting out of the Advanced HTML Design course. I never got any word on where I could store my project, so I gave up.

My world was rocked a bit this week, though, when I got a 2 week notice on my contract. It was cancelled. I won't go into the reasoning right now (it still upsets me), but it means that I have to scramble to find another regular paycheque...

Week of July 21st - 27th

My last day of work was Friday the 25th. That sad bit of news took a lot of pleasure out of happier events: Comicopia's 7th Anniversary Issue.

That such a project is still fun after so many years is a blessing. The fact that I've self-published non-stop all that time is also a great testament to my dedication.

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