Writer's Journal: April

I guess that the warmer weather is inspiring me to produce content for this site as well... it's been less than 2 weeks since I last updated this journal!

Actually, that was true of the first few weeks of April. I fell back into the old delays afterwards.


Week of Mar 27th - Apr 3rd, 1999

I've really started to get a leg up on my zine writing for this time: not only was my Apacalypse zine ready a week in advance (although it didn't work out for me to get it to the Distribution Manager on time), but my contribution for Comicopia is a step away from completion too - a week before deadline!.

My story for Comicopia, In the Eye of the Storm will be added to my story archive section on this site once I have it completed. As this is a multi-chapter story that'll take about a year to all see print, I hope to save you all some long, drawn out suspense in this way.

(Of course, if the story isn't terribly good, I'll be saving you the agony by getting it over with in one fell swoop.)

Week of Apr 4th - 10th

I ended this week both by seeing Comicopia reach an historic page-count not seen for almost 5 years (323 pages), but also by handing in the character write-ups that my editor at Peregrine Games was waiting for from me.

I was originally supposed to send these in aeons ago, but like all of my writing work, these were slowed down by the weather. I'm trying now to get all my plans moving.

Week of Apr 11th - 17th

I got feedback on my character write-ups for Peregrine Games this week. I have a few more things to work on, but the initial pieces look fine.

This week, I also decided that it was time to stop procrastinating; my story, Y2K, has been collecting dust while I spoke about re-writing it for magazine submission. Well, this week I started the rewrite process, expanding a 1300 word story into something that'll hopefully be longer - and a better story.

I'd forgotten how challenging rewriting can be. Over the years, I've grown accustomed to writing just one draft of my works for APA publications (the turnaround time is very frantic). Now, I'm actually revising a work, trying to make the word images more colorful and memorable, trying to regain a more potent voice.

It's challenging, but fun at the same time.

Week of Apr 18th - 24th

I forgot to mention that rewriting is also a long process. So far, a page of the original draft has expanded to three (double-spaced, but still...), and I'm still going.

I e-mailed my editor friend at XID Creative this week, to get their submission guidelines. I've read through their game system and rulebook, and I think I have a great idea for an adventure/sourcebook for them.

Week of Apr 25th - May 1st

Montreal weather has finally evolved from winter, through spring, to summer. All the snow was melted in town since mid-April, but the temperature was still quite cool. This weekend, it started hitting summer heatwave levels again. I've finally gone cold-turkey on the winter heating, shutting all of them and opening windows to air my home out.

- unfortunately, it also means that I'll be stuck indoors more often again. My body reacts very poorly to extreme heat.

Most of my writing work screeched to a halt this week, due to the tragedy in Littleton, Colorado. Events resonate to things that happened here in Montreal years ago (check out my essay on it to find out how), so I spent most of the week sad.

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