Writer's Journal: October

A big step up for me, starting October's Journals before the end of the month... guess it helped me that I also have a lot to talk about this time around!

Week of October 1st - 7th, 1999

With the headaches of my job at L'ETAPE now behind me, I was pumped up and ready for Con*Cept 99. You can read the convention report online. To give a brief idea of the report: it was a great weekend.

I already printed it up in Comicopia, for the issue that was due the Friday after the convention. This version was corrected for the web, with some of the more oblique elements removed for your reading. After all, things that many-year members of the APA understand, you my readers haven't got the full background for.

I also got in contact with an online friend running a web-zine about professional wrestling, to offer my services to write a regular column. It's been about a year since I had a column printed in PWD; with the newsletter down, I wanted to get back into the online writing world.

He proved to be more than eager for my column. In the next week, I'll be back online as a regular writer.

Week of October 8th - 14th

I handed in my first weekly column for the site, Fight City. As a name, we used ABomanation. My last name suits itself to puns.

I also started to work on another story. Chico stopped clicking, so I used my personal 'trick' to deal with writer's block: start something else, and let the other tale and its ideas percolate in your subconscious for now.

So far, this seems to be doing the trick. I've produced about 4 scenes of the story so far, and they already amount to over 1300 words. I really have a good feeling about this one.

I'm also using a writing technique that I call "burning the candle at both ends": I wrote the beginning scene, as well as the ending; now, I write my way from one end to the other.

Week of October 15th - 21st

I handed in my 2nd column for Fight City a few days earlier than I expected. Partially, it was due to enthusiasm, but also because I'll be in Toronto for the weekend of the 22nd - 24th for Primedia.

Week of October 22nd - 28th

Another week of getting my column ready for FightCity. I haven't been able to keep to a fixed schedule for the day I hand in my column, but I've been consistent: whatever day I hand it in, I've had a column ready every week.

My biggest event this week was the roadtrip to Primedia. This is well overdue, but my Unconventional Journal for the convention is now online to read. It isn't a flattering review, and there are some very personal comments in it, but a) a personal homepage is often similar to parading in your underwear in public and b) you're getting it about a week before Comicopia 57 sees print, so enjoy.

This week also saw me polish off an issue of APACalypse in time for deadline. It wasn't my best contribution to date, but I wanted to make an appearance before 2000 rolls around!

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