Writer's Journal: March

More significant things happened during this month, fortunately..

Week of February 25th - March 2nd 2000

I experienced my only Y2K problem on the 29th: the decoder box for my digital TV wasn't able to handle Leap Year 2000, so it just shut down.

This was very annoying, because I ended up missing new episodes of two of the best written series to air on the New Tuesday of the WB Network: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I know of someone who taped them though, so I'll hopefully see the shows soon.

On the writing end, a friend forwarded me the information to pitch a column to another wrestling site, one that on a look I suspect may pay. Once my PC is in working order again I'll send info to them.

Week of March 3rd - 9th

I called the editor of a local newspaper called The Suburban this week. I inquired about the possibility of writing a column about living with disability in Montreal.

He suggested that I write a sample column for him to see what I could do, then we'd see if it was possible.

Meanwhile, I've produced my first testimonial piece for the newsletter for a group I'm part of at Constance Lethbridge. It's a testimonial piece, about my adventures with injections.

Week of March 10th - 16th

My business as a website designer is starting to roll: my sister told me that her twins association want to have a website, and she suggested I go for it. So, I have a site contract now.

On my column front, I produced the first draft of a column that I call Fixing the Wheel (as in "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Obviously, it is).

I've been making good time on the next Comicopia, meanwhile. At the moment, I have no idea how I'll print it out (my printer hasn't worked well for ages), but I'll deal with that problem when it's time.

Week of March 17th - 23rd

I sent my sample column to the newspaper editor this week. I have my fingers crossed!.

I have most of Comicopia done now. All that remains is for me to write the next chapter of Eye of the Storm.

My web design business also took yet another step forward this week: I was commissioned to produce a site for one of my dad's oldest friends.

That's 2 sites more that I've had in years of trying!

Week of March 24th - 30th

A week after I sent in my column idea, I left a follow-up voice-mail. Still no word on what comes next.

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